SRM Pre-unit bearing shell conversion high strength billet conrod


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Special conrods to convert early Pre-unit white metal shell conrod type engines, use these rods and use 3TA/5TA bearing shells.

High strength billet alloy conrod made from Aircraft spec 7075 T6 condition alloy , precision CNC machined to SRM`s "contoured" specification , this increases the strength of the conrod overall and especially in the main stressed parts of the conrod. This also keeps the rod to a slim section so it is not much heavier than the standard conrod weight.

The bolts are high specification tensile conrod bolts, similar to what is used in the drag race engine conrods. Bolts are available as spare parts if they need to be replaced in future engine rebuild.

NOTE :- Picture shows two conrods for reference only , Price shown is for quantity of 1 conrod, it is neccessary to add 2 items to the shopping basket to make up a pair of conrods.

Conrod housings for big end and small end are made to original factory sizes , please note some after market Pistons use metric sized gudgeon pins, our rods can be honed out to suit on the small ends, please contact SRM before you modify to suit different sized gudgeon pins, or if you have any questions regarding this.

Big end bolt threads must be lubricated with oil and torqued in stages , fitting instructions are included with the conrods , or contact us if you need details.

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0.43 kg
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Pre-Unit T100 T110 T120
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