SRM A7 A10 Oil pump kit billet high delivery


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Still the highest quality, high delivery oil pump. The precision made internals with close tolerances give a more efficient oil feed and return and also reduces oil bleed past the gears when the bike is standing for long periods of time.

Oil pump kit comes with a precision engineered oil pump with high flow delivery, and includes parts worth £42.00 ie crankshaft worm drive gear 67.0642, tab washer 67.0644, left hand lock nut 67.0643, SRM`s own designed gasket 67.1393 that improves sealing the oil pump to crankcases and doesnt cover any of the oil feed holes allowing full oil flow, unlike pattern gaskets on the market, fixing bolts and instructions. The oil pump worm drive gear includes rev reivce tabs.

Each oil pump is individually tested for feed and return rates, and bleed test, as part of SRM`s special products quality control.

We also recommend to replace the oil pressure release valve at the same time to ensure your oil system is at its optimum best, our part number SRM-71.2370

Fits all BSA A7 and A10 models up to 1963

Oil pump will fit both standard engines with the main bush, and SRM/Devimead needle roller converted engines with no modifications required. Some inner timing covers may have some "casting flash" (excess alloy) just above the oil pump from the BSA manufacturing process, it is usally a very small amount that has to ground away.

Full instructions supplied with the kit, including how to bleed prime the oil system before the engine is started for the first time after an engine rebuild or oil pump change.

Will fit early Long Stroke BSA A7 1947 to 1949 but some material may have to be relieved from the inner timing cover.

Will also fit Ariel Huntmaster.

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A7 / A10
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