Electronic magneto kit for K2FC Magneto body


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This kit is designed to fit inside your original Magneto body without having to do any modifications to the body, and to give the appearance that Magneto is standard , kit is a very low power consumption using only 6 watts of power when running, so suitable for use with a dynamo that only gives 60 watts maximum power, kit runs on 12v , can be used as negative or positive earth, it is easy to convert original 6 volt Dynamo by fitting a 6 to 12v regulator box converter, 12v battery and bulbs. Kit comes with ignition coil, modified pickups, wiring, on/off switch, main module that fits inside magneto body, and fitting instructions. A fixed magneto drive gear will be required , as the advance and retard ignition advance is controlled electronically.


Note these kits are assembled to order, and may take 3 to 4 weeks to complete.

Part Number:
1.65 kg
Bike Model: 
A7 / A10
Pre-Unit T100 T110 T120
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