BSA A+B range swingarm & plunger headstock taper rollers

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Steering head taper roller bearing kit includes the upper and lower bearing sets, direct replacement for the original ball bearings cups and cones.

Taper bearings are the best bearings suited for the steering head, ball race bearings only have point contact and are not suited to take the impact stresses from the forks and steering stem. The taper bearings locate and support the steering head and front end weight, the bearings will give a light positive feel to your steering and improve the handling of the bike in general. Plus they will give a very long service life if they are kept adjusted and lubricated with grease, testament to this was a customer of ours who was a despatch rider in London on an A65 BSA, he did over 250,000 miles on a set of SRM taper roller bearings before he had to replace them!

Fits Rigid, Plunger and Swingarm models M21 B31 B33 Gold Star  A7 A10 A50 and A65 models up to 1970, please see technical information for Rigid and Plunger models.

Bearing kit will fit swingarm models wthout any modification.

PLEASE READ- rigid and plunger models will have to have the inner corner edge of the frame relieved where the steering stem passes through the area where the outer race cup sits in the frame, there is a sharp corner edge here, and it will need to be chamfered by a Dremmel or similiar tool to clear the inner bearing race when it sits in the outer race.

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14 × 14 × 2 cm
0.29 kg
Bike Model: 
A7 / A10
Pre-unit B31 B33 Gold Star
A50 / A65
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