A65 A50 840 to 900cc big bore stroker kit 10:1 high compression

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When ordering please state what stroke crankshaft you will be using , as we will machine cylinders to suit and ensure correct length pushrods are supplied with the kit. The kit will be machined to order and will take approximately 3 weeks.

Stroker Big bore kit includes Alloy cylinder 4.2kgs with spun cast iron liners , pistons complete, set of chrome moly steel high strength pushrods, copper head gasket Compression is 10:1 with thin gasket, Also available seperately is a base stud kit for converting the early cases to take the 3/8 studs, our part number SRMSP3H , stud kit is stainless steel studs and stainless steel nuts and washers. Big bore kit is 79mm standard and can be rebored to 79.5mm.
Suitable for use with long stroke crank 84mm to 90mm and standard conrods and standard head, it is advised that cylinder head is gas flowed with big valves, our part number VB50SP to gain max power. We also have a range of camshafts to suit. If you are using a crankshaft with a shorter stroke than 90mm, then top of cylinders must be machined down to compensate , for example if 85mm stroke crankshaft is used, 2.5mm must be machined from cylinder head face, if a 89mm stroke crankshaft is used, then 0.5mm must be machined from cylinder head face. Head bolt lengths then must be checked that they tighten down without binding , then can be shortened to suit, if in doubt , we can be contacted for technical advice if you are building an engine with a special stroke crankshaft.

Note that crankcase mouth will have to be be machined out slightly to take the larger bore spigots and also clear the cam follower guide spigots. SRM can do this work for a small charge of £52.56 , crankcases will have to be stripped down to bare cases for this work to be carried out.

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5.95 kg
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A50 / A65
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