A10 oil pump worm drive gear with rev drive tabs


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Crankshaft worm drive gear made from correct material and heat treated to the correct hardness, and with correct worm thread pitch; can be used with original BSA oil pump and SRM oil pump.Note most rev drive tab failures are down to misalignment between oil pump and rev drive cable T piece on the timing cover, also make sure the hollow tube is covering both oil pump drive and connection spindle as this tube prevents the tabs from being splayed out.

To align spindles,fit connecting spindle/tube , fit T piece and make sure the two bolts that hold the Rev drive cable T piece on the timing cover are loose, turn over the engine and this will allow the spindles to centralise , then tighten up the T piece bolts.

Part Number:
2 × 5 × 2 cm
0.04 kg
Bike Model: 
A7 / A10
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GB Standard