90 Degree Billet crankshaft 90mm stroke


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Long stroke Nourish crank for A65 suitable for use with crankcases converted with the Devimead or SRM needle roller and end feed conversion, end feed quill required fitting, SRM will fit the end tube for you before we ship.

Uses standard or performance Billet and Steel A65 size rods, with our big bore kits for long stroke engines, part numbers SRMSP3KIT2, or SRMSP3KIT2-H.

You must use the correct camshaft and ignition kit for this crankshaft. 

Camshaft part number 68.0474-90DEG, Race cam for A65 90/270  Degree crankshaft

Ignition kit C5-IGN-90-BSA/TRI, C5 iignition system for 90 degree BSA/Triumph twins full kit

Part Number:
12.2 kg
Bike Model: 
A50 / A65
United Kingdom VAT Rates: 
GB Standard