Note all our prices shown INCLUDE the 20% VAT Tax which applies to all EU countries. If you live outside the EU for example USA or Australia, when you make an account and register your address, the shop will recognise and amend the prices accordingly, the inclusive Vat tax of 20% will be removed from the prices.

Note Standard Airmail post to Europe and Rest of the World. 

The standard airmail service can take usually to Europe 3 to 6 days , and rest of World 4 to 12 days, however it is common for the mail to take between 21 and 28 days or more in some cases, this is something we have no control over as we do not own and control the Post office in UK or the Post Service in your country. If your order is taking longer than expected, contact us and let us know, but we cannot treat the parcel as lost until at least 6 weeks have passed from day of despatch. Also be aware that Standard Airmail cannot be tracked or traced. If you want to guarantee your parcel gets to you quickly and can be tracked, please select and pay the relatively small extra cost for Tracked post service at the checkout.

We have a few postage options, including a Signed and Tracked small air parcel service to selected countries only, if your country is not on the list and you want a secure signed and tracked service, please select the TNT shipping option. We do suggest if your order is of a high value that you select and pay the extra cost for a signed or tracked service. Once the parcel leaves our premises, we have no control to what happens to the parcel. There is no way to track or trace any parcel sent by standard mail or standard airmail.

Note Post office Airmail small packets/parcels can only be up to 2kgs in weight and is a standard airmail service so there is no tracking option. Anything heavier than 2kgs has to be sent by TNT.

How to order

To order and buy products you will need to register, simply go to the home page, lower left and click on "Create new account" then fill in your Name, address, email and telephone contact details, and note down your Username and Password for future reference. Please note you cannot complete payment at the checkout if you have not registered your name and address details.

To find parts for your bike, please select your Make/Model on the right hand side, then click on any category on the left to view the parts. You can also search by part number, see the search box on the right hand side - please use a full stop in the part number and not a dash, for example 68.0941 not 68-0941.

Please do not make an order go to checkout stage and pay for it, and then retuun to the order to add items, or amend it; this actually removes items from your original order so i cannot see what you have ordered and in some cases you can via Paypal pay twice in error. If you have already made an order and paid for it, and require more items, just send an email to me, and i can add the extra items you require and send you the Paypal requested for the balance of payment. 

Contact for webshop enquiries and order issues, and questions 

The webshop is suitable for Inter Explorer, Firefox and Google Chrome.


Minimum postage charge:

Please note that minimum postage cost applies to all orders how ever small, so if you need just one small item for example a lock nut, note that minimum postage charge covers up to 500g in the UK, in Europe and Rest of the World the minimum postage cost covers up to 250g; so it maybe worth your while adding a spare gaskert, oil seal, lock washer, etc to take full advanatge of the minimum postage charges.