Smiths Genuine instruments

These Genuine Smiths Speedos and Tachometers, are made in the UK by what is remaining of the Smiths Instruments company, they are electronically based (Except for the Oil pressure gauges which are still mechanical) .so the Tachometer takes a signal from the ignition system and the speedometer can be driven by a dummy speedo cable that has a built in sensor, all these extra parts will be available, also exciting new features for these instruments are in the pipeline.

The Speedometers and Tachometers are made with a Billet aluminium main body and waterproof, a vast improvement over the original pressed steel type casing.

These instruments are very popular, as they are hand assembled to order, sometimes we are out of stock waiting for new batches to be made, and there is usually a waiting list, to avoid disappointment if you want a Smiths instrument and they are out of stock, to make sure one is reserved for you, please contact us directly and place a back order, you will then be guaranteed to receive a Smiths clock from the new batch being made, please contact us by email or telephone.

To view the styles you are interested in, just click on the lower left index bar, the styles you want to look at, for example, The Chronometric range fitted to most makes and models from the 1940` s up to 1965, the Grey faced range fitted to most BSA & Triumph makes and models 1966 to 1970 , and the Black faced range 1971 to 1980 fitted to most BSA & Triumph Oil in frame models.

The new Smiths range of instruments as they are electronic based, require to run by sensing electronic signals in various ways. A range of products are available, that allow you to use the Modern Smiths instruments on your cherished Classic motorcycle. If you have any questions, queries or want to know what parts you need and what is compatible with your bike for any of the Smiths clocks to work on your bike, please contact us giving some details about your bike, what products you wish to use and we will advise you on what parts you will need to use the Smiths range of Speedo.meters and Tachometers.


At present all the Tachometers can wired Postive or Negative earth, but the Speedometers in all the ranges can only wired in as Negative earth. We are working with the factory to change the internal circuits to enable the Speedometers to be wired either Positive or Negative earth. We will announce when the Speedometers are available as both Positive and Negative earth enabled.


Coming soon, any questions or queries please contact SRM